Ultra-low temp. freezer

Hoyun_Lee at cancercare.on.ca Hoyun_Lee at cancercare.on.ca
Thu Jan 8 15:18:52 EST 1998

     Hello! everyone,
     We are considering to purchase an "ultra-low freezer" to replace our 
     liquid N2-based cell-storage tank. The freezer, therefore, should be 
     able to go down to -150 degree C or lower. I would appreciate very 
     much if someone can advise me on this.
     Hoyun Lee, Ph.D.
     Career Scientist/Asst. Prof.
     NE Ontario Cancer Centre
     Phone: (705) 523-7312 ext. 2703.
     E-mail: Hoyun Lee at cancercare.on.ca 

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