Ultra-low temp. freezer

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Fri Jan 9 10:47:26 EST 1998

In article <00017FBA.1959 at cancercare.on.ca>, Hoyun_Lee at cancercare.on.ca wrote:

>      We are considering to purchase an "ultra-low freezer" to replace our 
>      liquid N2-based cell-storage tank. The freezer, therefore, should be 
>      able to go down to -150 degree C or lower. I would appreciate very 
>      much if someone can advise me on this.
>      Hoyun Lee, Ph.D.
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     We have a -140 C chest freezer, labeled on the front as a Cryostar. I
don't know if that's the manufacturer's name or a model number. In either
case, it has worked fine for about 5 years (knock on virtual wood), and is
certainly a lot more convenient than the liquid N2 contraptions. Cells and
tissues stored at this temperature seem to keep well. 

     Pam Norton

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