lectin for O-linked sugars

Nicole Rapior cbiei01 at uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Jan 9 16:12:43 EST 1998

> I am trying to purify a protein from a biological fluid. It is a
> glycoprotein with only O-linked sugars.  It has the following glycan
> structures:
> (1) Ser/Thr-GALNAC
> (2) Ser/Thr-GALNAC-a1-3-GAL
> (3) Ser/Thr-GALNAC-a1-3-GAL-a2-6-NeuNAC
> The problem is that the protein displays microheterogeneity at the
> carbohydrate level. I need to isolate all the glycosylated protein
> for further analysis. Can anybody suggest a lectin that has affinity
> for GALNAC as a terminal residue or as part of a larger O-linked
> glycan.

Hi Raymond,

Soybean lectin should work for GALNAC (alpha- and beta-D) and GAL
(alpha-D), as well as Castor bean lectins (RCA 60, RCA 120). For NeuNAC
I just found Limulin. For further information and usefull references

Protein Purification Methods: A Practical Approach, E.L.V. Harris +
S.Angal, IRL Press (first published 1989), pp 268 - 282

Bye  Nicole
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