Mr. J Gaughan jgaughan at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 04:21:30 EST 1998

A couple of years ago we (somewhat optimistically) set up  differential displa
y in our lab. A hundred or so gels and countless recaptures/clonings etc 
later we didn't have much to show for our labour. However, we are once again
keen on trying the technique (probably on some stable cell lines) and are
interested in finding out who's using what kits and how successful they've
been in their hands. originally we used the Display Systems kit which had 
around 9 upstream and 24 downstream primers.
Any advice on kits/primer sets used would be much appreciated.
You can e-mail me directly at j.gaughan at ed-rbu.mrc.ac.uk or respond to the
Many thanks
Joe Gaughan
MRC Reproductive Biology Unit, Edinburgh.

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