No plasmid from trasformed BL21(DE3)

Ke-Xue Huang khuang at BIOC.RICE.EDU
Fri Jan 9 19:11:10 EST 1998

Hi, Netters,

Thanks your guy's suggestion. Let me ask you more about BL21(DE3).
I am sure (100%) BL21(DE3) is competent(I make electro-competent cells).

I usually transform my ligation into BL21(DE3) and then pick up a few 
colonies to do miniprep and check the expression, I can save at least two 
days for not transforming ligation into other cells like XL1, JM109 at 
first. It really worked for me before (at least I could success from two of 
three clonies), but recently, I was not so luck (one of five or zero success), 
you guy say, BL21(DE3) is difficult, Why?

How do you do minprep from BL21(DE3)?


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