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>   Hi everyone!
>   Just about to attempt my first DD-RT-PCR! I'm thinking of using the MMLV
> reverse transcriptase and amplitaq as recommended by GenHunter. I was
> wondering if the use of alternate enzymes such as RT Expand and Amplitaq
> gold or other such as the Titan mix (Taq and Pwo DNA polymerases) would
> provide better results. Any recommendations would  be greatly appreciated!
>   Thanks in Advance,
>    Brian

Dear Brian,

I have just performed my first ddrtpcr experiment using the RNAimage kit
from GenHunter. And it gave me moderate success, as I could identify
several putative bands for further investigation.  I used the supplied
MMLV reverse transcriptase and was advised to use the  Qiagen Taq
polymerase by GenHunter.  The only advantage I could see was the cost, as
Qiagen Taq is $70 cheaper than  AmpliTaq.

Hope this helps a little bit

Dave Clarke 

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