Help!!>> DNA Replacement

Hynumin Kim vurk at
Tue Jan 13 21:39:30 EST 1998

I'd like to Replace DNA between
Plasmid DNA and Bacterial Genomic DNA.

<Question 1.>

This Replacemnt of the DNA is work for
all the General plasmid and Host?.

I use Plasmid 'pT7T3(pUC19 derivate)', and   Host as a 'Moraxealla'
and They Both have a Homologous Region.

<Question 2.>

After Replacemention, I must remove all the plasmid in Host(Moraxella).
According to other person's thesis(from German),
they use SUICIDE plasmid vector to remove the plasmid.
But Is it OK if I treat "Plasmid Curing' Instead ?

I am Desperate for these Answers.
Please Answer Me Gently.

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