best way to isolate bands from gels

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Hi, Josh, Bike + Linux (Is BIKE an operating system or do you have 
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I would recommend GenElute centrufugation columns 
from supelco for agarose gel extraction
Their catalog numbers are 5-5600 and 5-5601 (the latter has 
(probably some activated charcoal) included for removing EtBr and 
other dyes as bromophenolblue. Sigma/Supelco give away sample apcks 
of two upon request.

The procedure is simple, easy and foolproof if you know how to 
operate a scalpel, a pipette, a centrifuge and a waste bin

1) wash filter column by spinning with some water, TE or what you 
2) put in cut out gel sclice with DNA band
3) spin for 10 min
4) throw away the filter 
5) e.g. precipitate DNA in the elute with EtOH and acetate or LiCl or 
use the solution directly. 

Works fine every time, at least for standard molbio procedures. 
I would't want to try agarase and other stuff.
Good luck!


> I'm interested in suggestions about the best way to isolate DNA
> fragments from agarose or acylaminde gels.  I wish to use the
> fragments for further amplification or as RFLP probes.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Josh
> PS
> I've heard Low-melting point agarose is used a lot for this?
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