DNA labeling with fluorescein

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On 14 Jan 1998 14:14:22 GMT, Pascal.Lestrate at fundp.ac.be (Lestrate
Pascal) wrote:

>we have used a fluorescein DNA labeling kit from Tropix. Actually the
>production of this product is stopped. Do you know another firm that
>commercialise a similar kit?
>Thank you 

Dear Rose-May,

check Amersham, they sell fluorescein-based DNA labelling kits called
Gene Images, which we use. I don't know the Tropix kit; if it is based
on incorporation of fluorescein labelled nucleotides followed by
antibody detection and alkaline phosphate based colorimetric or
chemoluminescence detection, then this is your lucky day. No
affiliation with Amersham etc etc

hope this helps,


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