elisa reader filter needed ANY HINTS ? / SLT lab instr.

Guy Hermans ghermans at luc.ac.be
Thu Jan 15 02:27:51 EST 1998

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> We have an Elisa reader from SLT, but this company 
> does not exist anymore. Was it bought by another company ?
> We need a filter for the Elisa reader (450 nm), but do
> not know where to start looking ! Any hints are welcome,
> Thanks,
> (please reply directly to my e-mail address:
> un691tl at genius.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de)
> Thorsten Lenhard, Heidelberg

Hello there Thorsten,

we have an SLT here as well, but it's an OEM product from them sold as
ICN/Titertek Plus MS212. They stopped their business in these as well now,
but you can get the original item from the company that bought SLT; TECAN.
It's German, by the way, so you shouldn't have any problem getting those
filters. Check out www.tecan.de or .com (don't remember exactly) for a
contact address.


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