PCR gradient thermocyclers

Koen De Smet k.desmet at nospam.ic.ac.uk
Thu Jan 15 10:35:37 EST 1998

Frank Struyf wrote:
> We are planning to buy a gradient thermocycler for PCR optimization
> and would very much appreciate some users' comments:
> 1) Do you have any experience with gradient cyclers (Stratagene
> Robocycler, Eppendorf or others) and which one would you recommend?
We recently had a machine from Eppendorf on trial, and compared it with 
a Robocycler we have in the depertment. 

The robocycler has a linear gradient (for example 2 degrees difference 
between each position from left to right), while the Eppendorf doesn't. 

The robocycler has no ramping between temperatures, so is very fast. The 
machine goes from one temperature to another by moving the tubes to 
another block. This dramatically reduces the cycling times. 

The robocycler has a very clear display and is easy to programme.

We ended up buying the Robocycler.

De groetjes

Koen De Smet
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