DNA from serum

Ulrich Maier maier_hml at muenster.netsurf.de
Thu Jan 15 09:34:37 EST 1998

Jean-Pierre de Villartay <devillar at infobiogen.fr> wrote:

>Does any one has good experience on making DNA from human serum suitable
>for PCR amplification?
>Thanks for help
>devillar at infobiogen.fr


what´s your problem? IMO every kit for DNA extraction will work.
Include a digestion with proteinase K if your serum seems to include
hemoglobin, otherwise your PCR will be inhibited. Are you looking for
large amounts of DNA or for ultra pure DNA?

We use the Viral RNA isolation kit from Qiagen for the isolation of
DNA and RNA from serum. 

Why do you want to isolate DNA from serum? If you want to get human
genomic DNA, it would be better to isolate the DNA from buffy coats.

Hope this helps,

Uli Maier

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