HELP! Wizard genomic purification kit

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Thu Jan 15 14:58:40 EST 1998

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> We're using the Wizard genomic DNA purification kit (promega) for
> genomic DNA purifications from mouse tails for genotyping. To cut down
> on the costs I'm very interested in the composition of this kit. Is
> there anyone out there who is familiar with these components. If so,
> please send me the composition of their "lysis buffer" and "protein
> precipitation solution".

Are you especially fond of the particular protocol you've been
using?  I use a very simple and extremely cheap method for tail
preps, but I've never used the Promega kit so I don't know if
they are similar at all.  The DNA I recover is used for PCR 
typing of our mice, and nothing else, and I'm not certain it
would be appropriate to use for other things.  It's clean enough
to give us results, though, and doesn't take long.

Jen Philhower
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center-SPRD
Smithville, TX 
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