Q:genomic DNA extraction

s.pritchard mmd280 at sysa.abdn.ac.uk
Fri Jan 16 09:29:04 EST 1998

AKi Hoji (akhst7+ at pitt.edu) wrote:
: Dear, 

: I have a question regarding length of protinase K incubation time during
: cell lysis (1-2 million cells from suspension).  Does it require 3-4 hrs,
: or overnight ?  Thanks in advance.
: Aki Hoji (akhst7+ at pitt.edu)
: U.Pitt 

Depends on the temprature that you incubate.For most preps 55oC for 3-4 hours
37oC overnight. There are many different times and temps used which will
vary depending on the tissue being extracted.
I use the qiagen kits and they digest (for blood) 70oC for 10 min

Hope this helps

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