apo-protein of cyt c, isolation protocol...

ckmsl at uohyd.ernet.in ckmsl at uohyd.ernet.in
Fri Jan 16 07:23:22 EST 1998


We are trying to isolate the apo-protein part of cytochrome c.	The heme
is bound to the polypeptide chain through two Cys residues by thioether
bonds. To isolate the apo-protein these thioether bonds must be cleaved
without damaging the peptide chain, i.e., a mild technique is required. 
We have seen few protocols involving silver sulphate or mercurous
sulphate, but these techniques apparently aim at isolating the heme and
the peptide is discarded.  We are interested in isolating the peptide
part of the protein. If you know any suitable protocols, please let us

Thanks in advance.


C K Mitra

Please reply to ckmsl at uohyd.ernet.in

Department of Biochemistry
School of Life sciences
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad 500 046, INDIA

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