elisa reader filter needed ANY HINTS ? / SLT lab instr.

Bob Kays bobkays at aol.com
Fri Jan 16 15:50:21 EST 1998

> We have an Elisa reader from SLT, but this company 
>> does not exist anymore. Was it bought by another company ?
>> We need a filter for the Elisa reader (450 nm), but do
>> not know where to start looking ! Any hints are welcome,
>> Thanks,

Yep it's Tecan U.S. in Res Triangle Park, NC.  They have an 800 number. Just
look in GEN they always have an ad in there somewhere.  The instrument is
called a spectra and they do have filters for 450nm (I think they are
standard).  We currently use two of these on our robotic system and have had
little problems with them.

Bob Kays

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