RNA isolation from tissue perfused w/UW solution

Randy Haun HaunRandyS at exchange.uams.edu
Fri Jan 16 23:56:37 EST 1998

We have recently tried to isolate total RNA from a tissue that had been
perfused and stored in UW solution.  Using a standard guanidinium
thiocyanate/CsCl procedure, we did not get any pellet after
centrifugation; and, using a silica-based column procedure, we did not
recover any RNA (based on A260).  Both methods have worked well in our
hands for other samples.  The only difference seems to be that the
latest tissue had been perfused and stored in UW solution (this tissue
was even stored for less time before the RNA isolation procedure was
than previous tissues).  Nothing strikes me as being exceptional about
the UW solution
(http://sapphire.surgery.wisc.edu/preservation/uwsolution.html) that
would prevent RNA isolation.  So, I wanted to know if anyone else had a
similar experience and, hopefully a solution -- other than not using the
UW solution (something we have little control over).

Thanks . . .

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