Help w/ Ni column protein purification

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Jan 16 21:05:32 EST 1998

In article <34bf79aa.24207463 at>, K.Jolley at (Keith Jolley) wrote:

>        You might consider downloading a copy of "The
>QIAexpressionist" from Qiagen's web site.  This has details of many
>purification protocols for His tagged proteins along with a
>trouble-shooting guide.

This booklet has one terrible error (wonder if it's typo or what?):
it says smth like "use column loading if the expression level is high,
and use batch if the expression levek is low".

This is wrong. Common sense and any book (not to speak of my own 
direct experience) says it the other way around. 



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