1D-PAGE software: free/shareware??

Jay Miller jhmiller at helix.nih.gov
Tue Jan 20 08:41:24 EST 1998

NIH Image is freeware.  It was developed by Wayne Rasband of NIH and it runs on Macs.
There are versions for 68000 and PPC.  There is also a port to win95 which isn't quite 
as good (of course).  For more info and downloads see:

	//sunny.dcrt.nih.gov/itc/gel  (tutorial)
I think these are all correct.  I hope this helps.  You can also go to the main NIH
site, www.nih.gov, and into DCRT, the computer division and search there.

In <1998Jan19.184934 at eucmax>, ecastro at eucmax.sim.ucm.es writes:
>   A friend at the lab is now running 1D-PAGE gels. We have no sophisticated
>equipment to analyze these gels, but I think that with a good digital camera
>(now even in stores) and a computer we can save a lot of money.
>   I my memory does not fool me, NIH Image was a free software that could
>analyze tiff's files from gels and give band intensity for each protein band or
>dot: Am I right? I only want to measure relative optical density along the lane.
>  I would like to know if such a software do exist as freeware or shareware.
>Any tips are wellcome (if you have any idea about the best cheap camera for
>this job...)
>Thanks a lot
>Enrique Castro   

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