pMOB plasmid sequence

Wood Lab woodlab at SUNGCG.USOUTHAL.EDU
Tue Jan 20 10:42:41 EST 1998

	We are presently using a plasmid, pMOB, that comes from the 
TN1000 transposon kit from Gold Biotechnology.  This company, now 
defunct, no longer provides technical references.  The paper describing 
the creation of pMOB, "Transposon-facilitated DNA sequencing", 
Strathmann, et al, claims the size to be 1.8 KB.  We see a larger band 
and we couldn't calculate how they got the 1.8 KB based on the info in 
the paper.  O.K. after rattling on, I am hoping someone out there has the 
sequence or received the technical info, before it became unavailable.  
Any info would be appreciated.  


Aimee T

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