software for finding restriction sites

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Wed Jan 21 09:04:43 EST 1998

Hi Craig!
I'm using WinPlas, actually a program for making graphical 
presentations of plasmids, when I'm working at home where I have no 
www access. It has some RE finding and annotating capabilities.
There's a free demo version where exporting and saving of 
data is disabled.
See for more info.

You also might have a look in the IUBio software archive: and

If you need a tool for doing sequence format conversions, Brendan 
Babb's tools (some file starting with BBSF) might be a hlep

If you have WWW access, try the links on this page:



> Are there any PC programs that accept a DNA sequence and 
> identify restriction sites. I used to have access to MAP 
> on GCG but no more. This is the kind of thing I need but 
> preferably for my own (no internet) PC but if not 
> somewhere on the internet that offers MAP or equivalent.
> Craig
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