T-DNA plasmid required urgently

J. Hendriks hendrikb at worldonline.nl
Thu Jan 22 13:09:26 EST 1998

Fornavn Etternavn wrote: <6a4uc5$et1$1 at snipp.uninett.no>...
>I am a PhD student and have planned to transform Solanum tuberosum with
>Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method. However, our lab doesn`t
>have any T-plasmid and Agrobacterium strains which we need since we are
>working with microorganism usually. It would be very nice if any one
>can provide me a T-plasmid containing restriction sites or information
>concerning where we can buy it. Thanks!
>I look forward to any help.
>J.H. Clarke
You can buy the plasmid at Invitrogen
Good luck
Brenda Hendriks

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