PCR cloning in phage

Timur Yarovinsky tyarovin at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Thu Jan 22 15:04:04 EST 1998


I wish to clone PCR products in landa ZAP II. I used non phosphorylated
primer for the PCR, so I assume that 5' ends of my DNA is composed by
primers mostly and non phosphorylated. I polish my DNA with T4 DNA
polymerase to cut 3' overhangs generated by Taq and ligate 
hemiphosphorylated (at blunt end) adaptors. If I am not wrong ligase can
ligate only one strand of my DNA to adaptors in my case and leaves a nick
on the other strand. Eventually I phosphorylate sticky ends of
adaptors-DNA and ligate to vector. May the nick be a reason to fail in the
cloning because of whatsoever reason?  I know there are a lot of kits that
allow to do transformation with that nick, but what about transfection? 

Any comments encouraged. 

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