[Q]help-TA cloning after PCR

Marina Verkhovskaya verkhovs at penger.helsinki.fi
Fri Jan 23 10:35:47 EST 1998

I have tried In vitrogen  TA cloning kit with a very good luck. Of course, it
is not very nice to depend only on a kit and they give an open vector so you
can not use it to transform cells and have your own suply but works very,very
Good luck
Blanca Barquera
Dept.Medical Chemistry
University of Helsinki
email. barquera at rock.helsinki.fi

601 wrote:

> Hello, eveyone.
> I want to know about how to do TA cloning well.  I have just made
> a T vector by the following protocol.
> pBluscript 10micrograms -(EcoRV digestion) - (Et-OH precipitation)-
> -(70degrees centigrade, 2hrs with dTTP in thrmocycler)-purification
> But my vectors didn't work well.  The sample before ligation (no insert)
> could make a lot of white colonies.  Maybe to add T residue to pBluscript
> was not enough, I think.
> Please give me som or ideas advice. Thank you in advance.
> Thank you.
> --
> Shin Yamamoto
> h971409d at eds.ecip.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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