protein precipitation

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Fri Jan 23 08:14:09 EST 1998

I have used 10% TCA precipitation with glycoproteins and if the solution
is kept cool and  neutralised immediately after precipitation the glycans
will remain relatively unaffected, the only likely losses are some
o-acetyl modifications of sialic acids. 3vols of ice-cold EtOH or 9vols of
cold acetone can also be used. Followed by centrifuging at high speed,
10,000g or more.

Ian Mc

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> I am looking for a protocol to precipitate total glycoprotein from 
> an aqueous solution of glycoprotein but I cannot use TCA as it will 
> cleave off the sugar moieties on the protein. A procedure using cold 
> ethanol or cold methanol which does not chemically cleave the protein 
> would be very useful. 
> Thanking you in advance,
> Raymond McGuirk 
> Dept. of Biochemistry,
> U.C.D,
> Dublin, Ireland
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