Genuine **HOME-BASED** Employment Offer:

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Mon Jan 26 07:50:21 EST 1998

                               Earn $14.95 for every email you process for us.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This announcement concerns an online employment opportunity 
currently available with our company.  If the idea of earning 
an excellent income using your home or office computer appeals 
to you, then please review this brief article. 

If you find this article of no benefit to you, we apologize 
for our intrusion.  

Home-Based Email Processors Needed Immediately!!

Please be assured that this is NOT an invitation to participate 
in an illegal chain letter scheme.

Neither is this an invitation to join a network/multi-level 
marketing program.

We are offering a unique, legitimate home-based employment 

As an Email processor for our company, you'll work out of your 
home or office using our exclusive FREE, "no-catch" turnkey 
software package.  

There's NO personal selling involved. 

There's NO sending out bulk email. 

We are in the Software Distribution and Publishing business.  
Our products have worldwide appeal.  In order to expand our 
business globally in the shortest possible time, we need
home-based Email processors all across North America, Europe, 
Australia and Asia RIGHT NOW!!

Our EXCLUSIVE turnkey software package is all you need to do your 
daily duties.

The work can be done full or part time.  Your earnings is based 
on the hours you put in to the work.  By devoting few hours a week, 
you'll be able to add handsomely to your present income.  With a
full time effort, your income may even exceed your expectations.

If you are interested in this position, and would like to find out
more about the pay structure, and the duties involved,  please
link to:


NOTE:  If you are unable to connect, this is due to network
             traffic.  Please try again later.

Thank you for your attention.

Cheryl Petersen
Global Marketing Services

        Member of National Organization of Internet Commerce. 
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