? E.Coli competent greater than 10 +E 8 without electroporation

Tim Barnett t.barnett at utas.edu.au
Tue Jan 27 17:50:15 EST 1998

A method described by Inoue et al. (1990; Gene 96: 23-28) claims to get
frequencies in the order of 1-3 x 10(9).  The protocol itself can also be
accessed through the web at http://research.nwfsc.noaa.gov/protocols/.

Hope this helps


In article <6allb0$jnu at news.rhrz.uni-bonn.de>, reber at uni-bonn.de wrote:

> Dear All,
> I'm searching a method to reach high competent E.Coli without electroporation.
> I need the method for a biological assay, so that a great amount of E.Coli 
> should have the same max frequency of transformation.
> I tried allready the Maniatis-method for high competent cells with the 
> Stratagene clones Ag-1 and SCS-1, but I reached only a max frequency of 
> transformation  4 x 10E 7.
> Maybe you have some hints or some different methods.
> Please mail to reber at uni-bonn.de or post an answer
> Thanks Michael Reber

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