HPLC for Protein Separation and Identification

yuanxiang Zhou y-zhou at RSGIS4.TAMU.EDU
Wed Jan 28 16:07:17 EST 1998

Dear Netters:

I am seeking for answers for a question.  Can HPLC or other
chromatography-based methods be used for the purpose of separation and
identification of proteins from the crude extracts of plant tissues?  We
have introduced into tobacco a gene which encodes for a glycoprotein. 
Even though we have not yet purified the protein from its
native-occurring organism (very difficult to do so according to the
literature), and there is currently no possibility for us to raise its
antibody, we still want to try some altenative ways to have the job
done.  The first thing we would like to know if HPLC can be used to
separate and purify proteins, in the absence of a standard for
comparison.  Does anyone have any valuable suggestions/recommendations? 
You kind help is highly appreciated.

Yuanxiang Zhou

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