stripping RNA probes

Andrew Warkman awarkman at
Wed Jan 28 20:35:51 EST 1998

In article <34D0FAAE.A7FB05ED at>, Judi <9320393 at> wrote:
>I would like to start hybridizations using RNA probes labelled with DIG
>or P-32 but have heard from the previous person who tried it in our lab
>that they do not stipp off the membrane very easily. I have to have a
>method where I can stripp membranes nicely because I have to probe my
>membranes with quite a few probes. I really wouldn't like to run a
>million Northerns!!
>If anyone has any experience with this please help.

Our lab recently ordered a Strip-EZ™ RNA Probe Synthesis and Removal Kit 
from Ambion which allow easy stripping of RNA probes by using a modified CTP 
which is esily removed.

We havn't recieved the kit yet to see how it works but ya might want to check 
their web site at


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