Transfection problems

John Ladasky jladasky at pmgm.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 29 18:50:09 EST 1998

> Hi everyone
> I've been trying to transfect alpha T-3 cells with a luciferase
> construct using the calsium phosphate method of transfection. The DNA I
> used for this transfection was isolated with Promega's Wizard
> Maxipreps. To date, all my transfections were unsuccessfull. Does
> anybody have any ideas why the transfections won't work?
> Thanks
> Rentia

	I have used Promega's Wizard minipreps and maxipreps to prepare
plasmid DNA that was suitable for transfection.  The cell lines that I
transfected were Daudi and Owl Monkey 531H.  I transfected by electro-
poration.  I don't know what might be wrong with your preparations.

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