Pittsburgh: Great Science. Quality of Life?

seth corey scorey+ at PITT.EDU
Wed Jul 1 17:59:14 EST 1998

This is not really the venue to comment on cities,
other than to say that Pittsburgh is a very viable
place to do science and it offers many amenities
other cities dont.

The post doc postions remain open with an ad appearing
in the next issue of Cell.

But this should also not be a venue to make false
I drive to NIH from my home in Squirrel Hill and it takes 3.6 hours.
Philly and Toronto are easily 5.5 hrs away.
Pittsburgh has the lowest crime rate of any major metropolitan area.
The air is always clean and I think it too fares much better on
air quality than Denver, LA, Boston, NYC,

>The smog comes from those big power plants just over the Ohio border!
The Ohio border is about 70 miles away.

>. The airport is 25 miles from downtown and will take close to hour
>>to get to during rush hour.
It takes about 40 minutes to get from home to a parking spot at the airport.
During rush hour, it takes about 60 minutes.
It would take the same time to take the subway from Chinatown Boston to
Logan Airport.

>>Good apartments are NOT CHEAP ANYWHERE. Yes, you can live in a slum in
>>Pittsburgh as you complete your post-doc, but a good single room
>>apartment will cost at least $600 per month.

my apt and my car loan was still less than what i paid for apt rent in
newton or brookline.

> Restaurants are good.
>>Traffic is terrible; the roads are very narrow and the city allows
>>parking on both sides of most streets, making the roads even more
>>narrow and dangerous. Sales tax is 7% in Pittsburgh. You'll also pay
>>city wage tax, as well as a state income tax. Parking is very expensive
>> >>Forget about riding your bicycle to the lab: unless you are a very
>>experienced cyclist, you'll have a very tough time with the
>>inconsiderate drivers, narrow pot-hole ridden streets, and very hilly
I think you saw Flashdance too many times. My post-doc biked  every day
for two years.

>And Pgh is one town where a fat guy without a tan can take his shirt off and
>feel right at home!
>>I lived in Pittsburgh now for three years. It is an okay place to live,
>>it is difficult to get around in,
My lab to a parking space for the symphony in 10 minutes.

fine print: of course I'd prefer Boston to Pittsburgh as a place to live,
but you cant have everything.

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