ethidium bromide: add to gel before pouring or stain afterwards

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Wed Jul 1 17:38:53 EST 1998

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> We have much success in our lab by nuking the gel to melt, then cool
> until bottle is touchable, add the EtBr and pour the gel.  Great bands,

Agreed.  You can speed up the process by nuking the gel in 1/2 or 2/3
of the volume of TAE, TBE, whatever you intend to use.  After melting,
add the remaining buffer and the ethidium.  This usually cools the gel
enough to pour instantly.  Alternatively, you can just add 5 ul or so
of your stock ethidium solution to the "bottom" buffer and let it scoot
up the gel as the DNA runs down.  The volume of ethidium-tainted buffer
is no different than if you add to the gel prior to pouring.  Of
course, a stock staining solution that is re-used is the greenest way
to go if you insist on using ethidium.

Steve Dahl

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