Cheaper alternative to Centrisep Spincolumns?

Paul Kowalski pkowalsk at
Fri Jul 3 18:07:36 EST 1998


we've found a very significant cost involved in fluorescent sequencing
is the Princeton Seperations CentriSep spincolumns for purifying the
PerkinElmer BigDye reactions prior to loading on the ABI. Currently they
cost us a bit over $350CDN/100 tubes. We've tried using Biorad G50
spincols (much cheaper) but they don't work well. Does anyone have
suggestions for a cheaper alternative? 
BTW, if anyone out there is doing Perkinelmer BigDye sequencing
chemistry and hasn't seen Bruce Roe's page on ways to do it
better/cheaper, you should check it out:

Paul Kowalski	
Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency	
Medical Genetics, UBC

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