Bac-to-Bac system

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Tue Jul 7 09:19:13 EST 1998

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>Subject: Bac-to-Bac system
>From: Andreas Vogel, vogela at
>Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 10:49:12 +0200
>>Hi all,
>I am going to start with baculovirus expression and decided to use the
>Bac-to-Bac system from life technologies. They say you dont have to
>waste your time with plaque purification because you can generate 100
>percent recombinant virus DNA. 
>But, are there really no difficulties with this system? Does anyone have
>experience with it?
>Thanks in advance for your help,

Has worked very well for me. The most disficult thing,  which is common
to all baculo systems, was getting a relaible plaque assay sorted,
otherwisw it seems very good although their transfer vector range is at
present a little limited.  


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