Pittsburgh: Great Science. Quality of Life?

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> > This is not really the venue to comment on cities,
> Why not?  You're the one who gave the plug for Pittsburgh. I've
> actually been enjoying this thread.  How often do you see a commercial
> followed by a rebuttal?
> Why sugar
> coat and risk things turning out to be less than advertised?
> If someone's got a different opinion...bring it on!  The beauty of
> working at Johns Hopkins is that you *can't* sugar coat Baltimore ;o)

Sure you can...

Inner Harbour
National Aquarium
Camden Yards (and Orioles, of course)
Walters Gallery, Peabody Institute etc.
Babe Ruth, Edgar Allan Poe history
John Waters ("the pope of trash")
Easy access to the Chesapeake (sailing etc.)
Fort McHenry
Reasonable drive to Shenandoah, Harper's Ferry, Catoctins etc.
Commute the "easy way" on I95
BWI Airport (well, *I* like it)
Johns Hopkins

Now, as for the neighbourhood around Johns Hopkins, I think
it would take a whole P.R. team to work on that.

     When the fog is down to the ground all day here I
really miss Maryland....
Bernard Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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