Drosophila hsp70 clone, small hsps

Irina irina at bionet.nsc.ru
Wed Jul 8 23:34:32 EST 1998

Dear people,
I am desperately looking for the cDNA or genomic DNA of the Drosophila
hsp70. We investigate the genetic control of stress reaction on
D.virilis model. The model consists of two lines of D. virilis
contrasting in their response to stressor effects. Individuals of the
first line respond to stressors by a stress reaction enabling them to
adapt to unfavourable environmental conditions. Flies of the second
line do not possess this adaptive response, they faild to respond by
the proper changes in their hormonal status (in juvenile gormone and
biogenic amines) and dies. 

It has to be analized if their cellular reaction (the heat-shock
respons) also impared or not. We strongly suggest that it is, at least
it was found that hsp83 is underexpressed. But we have a great
problems with the other Drosophila hsps probes - small hsps and hsp70
in particular.

If somebody will  recommend me whom I could appeal to, I would be
glad. Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance. 

Irina Vasenkova
Irina A. Vasenkova
Institute of Cytology and Genetics
Lavrentjeva ave., 10
Novosibirsk 630090,
e-mail: irina at bionet.ncs.ru,

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