Checking given RT-PCR primers against Genbank

Johannes Winkler nospam_uzs01b at
Wed Jul 8 10:11:24 EST 1998

Hello all,

we are looking for a way to check a given set of RT-PCR primers against
Genbank or subsets of Genbank.
The idea would be to have a program check for sequences which might give
rise to product - i.e. looking for sequences where a set of primers
could hybridize in a distance of ~1-3kB max.
We are aware of all the programs that will try to design primer pairs
based on a target sequence, and there's also programs which will check
for mispriming in a given target sequence.
I would appreciate any comments ...

Johannes Winkler
Dept. of Immunology
University of Bonn
Roemerstr. 164
53117 Bonn

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