Regarding DEPC treatment

Philip Young, IWBT, University Stellenbosch 9369791 at SUN-AKAD2.SUN.AC.ZA
Thu Jul 9 21:09:38 EST 1998

Very normal - I find the smell quite soothing because I know the water/stock must be 
RNase-free (I have however found that DEPC treatment is usually not necessary, as soon 
as I spot degradation I am back on the DEPC and the degradation stops....coincidence? 
Ambion ( discuss the topic of DEPC-treatment for RNA work very 
    "Autoclaving DEPC-containing solutions should be of sufficient duration to rid the          
solution of any smell. 
           FALSE. A faint EtOH smell may linger after autoclaving, but more commonly a 
sweet, fruity smell is observed. This is caused by the EtOH byproduct combining with 
trace carboxylic acid contaminates and forming volatile esters. It does not mean that trace 
DEPC remains in the solution. 

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