isolation of astragalus dna and rna

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Salvador A Tarun Jr <btarun at> wrote:
>I would like to isolate rna and dna from the plant astragalus bisulcatus
>(milkvetch).  I would appreciate any information on the best way to do
>this.  Does anybocy know if a cDNA library from this plant is available?
>thank you very much.
>btarun at
Greetings -- Alice?  Salvador?

	Check out the National Library of Biotechnology Information at

Using the taxonomy browser, I quickly determined that several species of
Astralagus have published sequences, including A. bisulcatus.  I could
have obtained the same sequences using Entrez, but the taxonomy browser
is faster and clearer when your obbjective is to obtain an overview of
sequences from specific genera.  The A. bisulcatus sequences may be kind
of boring for your purposes -- ribosomal RNA gene fragments.  But,
they're out there.  Look up the references you find using the taxonomy 
browser, and I'm sure that you'll get methods for DNA and RNA isolation
appropriate to those plants, as well as a sense of whether things like
cDNA libraries are available.

	Good luck!

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