Pittsburgh: Great Science. Quality of Life?

Glenn Wall-Manning gmanning at wnmeds.ac.nz
Thu Jul 9 16:23:02 EST 1998

stebby at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu wrote in message
>> This is not really the venue to comment on cities,
>Why not?  You're the one who gave the plug for Pittsburgh. I've
>actually been enjoying this thread.

Agreed.  Sometimes we can take ourselves a little seriously.  All work and
no play etc.....

>and frequently without the benefits.  There is nothing wrong with
>considering the quality of one's life during this time.  As I tell
>those looking at our lab or any other...consider the science, the
>reputation of the lab, the interactions between people in the
>lab/department and the city in which you'll live.  The weightings one
>gives these components depends on personal goals and needs.  There is
>no shame in choosing a post-doc based on cost of living, amenable
>surroundings, or lifestyle decisions.
>Steve Dahl
Especially if you have a family to consider as well.  I personally think
that if my family is unhappy in the environment that we are living in, it
doesn't matter how good the job is, it is not going to be worthwhile.  Where
you live is probably just as important as the job.  If you are single, I
expect where you live means a lot less.
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