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> Hi,
> I'm currently working on a protein that is phosphorylated on two different
> serine residues, but the protein kinase responsible of this
> phosphorylation is still unidentified. It seems that these two serine
> residues ar in the same consensus sequence. I would like to know if anyone
> have any information about web, review or anything were I could find all
> the consensus phosphorylation sites known.
> Thank You

There have been a number of consensus reviews published.  One is in Methods in
Enzymology, but unfortunately, I don't have the reference at hand.

You could try the Protein Kinase Resource page at as a starting place.  They have links
to several motif-searching tools that will identify putative phosphorylation

Have you thought about studying mutants of the protein, or studying effects
of different protein kinase activators/inhibitors?  Sequence-based guesses
are one thing, but until more is known about protein phosphorylation, a
pharmacological profile would be very good also.

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