Nuclear estrogen receptor in normal salivary gland and salivary gland tumors

gongzg at gongzg at
Thu Jul 9 07:59:50 EST 1998

  Hi everyone,

  I have detected the nuclear estrogen receptors (ERs) in normal salivary
glands and salivary gland tumors of 53 cases.There were ERs with various
concentrations in these samples.According to statistical analysis,the ER
concentrations in the pleomorphic adenomas of female parotid glands were
higher than those in female normal parotid glands.Among the salivary
carcinomas of 8 cases ,the ER concentration in the acinic cell carcinoma is
highest.Further research maybe open up a path for endocrinotherapy of some
types of salivary tumors.  I am hoping for good advice and coorperation. 
Thanks very much.


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