Acrylamide Gel Problem.

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Fri Jul 10 10:59:05 EST 1998

Greg, instead of silane, just get hold of some RainX (the stuff for
car windows).  It should be available in any auto-parts store or
general hardware store.  It costs only a couple of bucks a bottle and
is not nearly as nasty to your innards as silane and chloroform.  

I have also in the distant past used a methacrylite (sp?) glue to bond
the gel to the front plate.  The name of the product and protocol are
in my office, but I can e-mail it to you later if interested.

Cheers, Michael

On Wed, 08 Jul 1998 13:11:49 +0100, Greg <g.dean at> wrote:

>Just a simple problem, I am having problems of keeping my sequencing
>gels (for footprinting) on the front plate when I remove the silicone
>treated back plate and have been trying to find a company which sell an
>'adhesive'  (non-covalent) treatment for the front plate. I'm not even
>sure of the name of the product. Any help, as always gratefully
>Thanks in advance.
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