cell permeabilization

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at chclu.chemie.uni-konstanz.de
Fri Jul 10 05:06:40 EST 1998

You could try the "osmotic lysis of pinocytic vesicles" method first described
by Okada & Rechsteiner (1982), CELL 29:33-41. The method is based on
pinocytosis of your protein from a hypertonic medium, and then "crushing" the
vesicles in hypotonic medium. The method is just now being commercialized by
Molecular Probes as the "Influx Cell-Loading Reagent" (no affilitation).
I have not tried the method yet, but it sounds VERY promising, so I´m planning
to use it in the next future. 

Hope this helps,

U.DEligezer at DKFZ-Heidelberg.de wrote:
> HI ,
> Does anybody know how cells to permeabilize in cell culture.
> I try to enter my recombinant proteins into the cells.
> I would be very greatful for any help.

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