Silver stain of RNA

JJ Miranda atlantis at
Sat Jul 11 00:32:52 EST 1998

Dear Gabor,

I'd be interested to know if you ever silver stain RNA.  I've used it to 
stain proteins, and yes, it is fairly sensitive (sub picomoles of 
protein).  It works by complexing with mainly the basic amino groups in a 
protein so I don't know if the sensitivity holds for RNA.  Tell me how it 
goes and good luck.

Sincere regards,
JJ Miranda

Dr Gabor Igloi (igloi at wrote:
: Dr Mark Watson wrote:
: > 
: > Hi All
: > 
: > Does anyone out there have a method for staining RNA in PAGE gels.  I am
: > collecting  retroviral particals from tissue culture sups and want to
: > RNAZOL out the RNA run it on a PAGE gel (preferably a denaturing gel)
: > and stain it using a silver stain.  I have heard that it is v sensitive
: > but I have never seen a method for it.
: > 
: > any help or suggestions appreciated
: > 
: > Mark

: There are several posible methods; try Anal.Biochem. 134, 184-188, 1983

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