DNA* and Jotun Hein Alignments

Lou Cantolupo lou_cantolupo at GENVEC.COM
Sun Jul 12 10:59:41 EST 1998

Has anyone ever tried to do a Jotun Hein alignment on DNA* (for the Mac)
and gotten it to work?!?!  It seems that I always run out of memory.  I'm
not asking it to do anything real complex either.  I never got it to work
on my old 68040 (which had 32megs of RAM).  Now I have a new 266 G3 with
128Mb and I still can't get it to take four 300bp sequences and do an
alignment without running out of memory!!!  And yes, I've gone to the 'Get
Info' option and have allocated 90Mb of RAM and taken it off the network and
it still only get's 50% though it before giving the "not enough memory"

Lou Cantolupo
GenVec, Inc.
Department of Molecular Virology
12111 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD USA 20852
lou_cantolupo at genvec.com

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