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The company is mid-sized company specializing in the development and
manufacture of innovative products serving the life science research
market.  The company currently offers more than 2,000 products
designed to facilitate gene expression and analysis, gene cloning, PRC
analysis and many other molecular biology techniques used in
developmental genetics, cellular biology, cancer research, antisense
DNA research, genome mapping, neurobiology, oncology and several other
areas.  The company is very technology oriented and places great
emphasis on quality, innovation, fiscal stability and responsiveness
and responsibility towards customers and the community. 

This Product Manager will be responsible for sales revenue and growth
of specific product lines which may include any of the following:
gene expression products, functional analysis products, protein
expression products or general gene reporter products.  Due to its
considerable growth rate, the company offers substantial advancement
for suitably qualified applicants. 

· Technology licensing.
· Produce line strategic development.
· Alliance building and maintenance.
· Market research.
· Competitor analysis.
· Sales/distributor training and support 
· Management of the transfer of new products from research and
development to operations.
· Development of global launch platforms and product positioning
· Satisfying revenue growth targets and specific product lines.


Education and experience:
· BA(S), MA(S), or Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, cellular
biology or virology from an accredited institution either domestic
U.S. or foreign with preference given to candidates with molecular
biology background.
· Business training or experience in product management with
preference given to candidates with an MBA in a relevant discipline.
· 3-5 years of technical experience in molecular biology with
preference being given to candidates with directly-related work
experience in companies which product molecular biology kits and
· Minimum of two years of directly-relevant product management
experience with preference being given to candidates with product
management experience both domestic and international in scope.

 Knowledge and Skills Required:
· Knowledge of modern molecular biology, cell biology and biochemical
techniques and their use in both research and academic environments.
· Good leadership and communication skills along with good analytical
skills are essential.
· Candidates with exceptional detail-orientation are particularly
sought after.
· Must possess excellent communications skills to interface with
scientists both within and without the organization.  This includes
excellent proficiency in English (both written and verbal) and in the
use of the scientific literature
· Computer literacy to include operation of a Personal Computer (IBM
clone and/or Mac); proficiency in the use of the Internet.
· Knowledge of and experience in GMP/GLP environments.
· Able to manage multiple priorities and deadlines in an expedient and
decisive manner.
· Must have sufficient emotional maturity and fortitude to flourish in
an environment with constantly changing workloads and work
requirements and must evolve with the position.

If you have an interest in this or other opportunities, please send us
your resume/CV as an Attached File to an email or send by mail/FAX to
RS&A to the attention of Ann Rathbun, Managing Director. All
correspondence is held in strict confidence.

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