Patrick F.H. Lai pfhlai at LOOKSMART.COM
Mon Jul 13 17:39:38 EST 1998

Dear Daniela and others who are dying to flee this e-mailing
 discussion group,

If you want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
please send the following command in email to 
"biosci-server at net.bio.net":
unsubscribe methods "your name" <your_address at your_server.wherever>

Please note that the e-address to unsubscribe is NOT the same as 
where you send us messages.

I think brief instructions about how to subscribe and unsubscribe
 should be posted at the beginning of each month's archive.
These poor people must be terrified to have their inbox flooded with
 unwanted e-mails from us......


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Daniela Kroll
Heinrich-Heine-Universtitaet Duesseldorf
Botanik IV
Geb. 26.03.02
40225 Duesseldorf
Tel 0211/81-14368
E-mail Daniela.Kroll at uni-duesseldorf.de

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LookSmart =85 or keep looking.

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