96 well plates for PCR

Jan Hoolwerf hoolwerf at solair.inter.nl.net
Mon Jul 13 08:14:38 EST 1998

Hello John!

On Monday July 06 1998, John Fellers wrote to All:

 JF> Just a general question,  is there much cross contamination
 JF> between wells using 96 well plates for PCR?

Personally i prefer trips of 8 tubes instead of complete plates. It's easy to
keep the strips separate from each other while pipetting and i always put the
caps (also a strip) on the strip when i'm ready.

But the result is the same: a "plate" of 96 wells. :-)

After the PCR the greatest opportunity for cross contamination is imho when you
take of the closures. Strips of caps or some kind of tape. It's hard to do that
so carefully that you don't get small drops spreading around.

Just try it with a plate filled with a solution of a nice dark blue dye and you
will be amazed what spreads around.

Therefore, when i use PCR in this format for later sequencing work i even use
strips with a separate cap on each tube.

regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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