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marc (marc at www.tepral.fr) wrote:
: Hi Patrick
: Would you mind to give me the T-vector trademark you use. I tried the=
: vectors, but I had lots of blue colonies.

Be careful here - sometimes we've gotten inserts in T-vectors
that were blue!  We've used the Novagen vectors, by the way.


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Hi y'all !

I agree with George.
I often see a light tint of blue in some of my "white" colonies.
Sometimes, I see white colonies with a blue centre.
This is not restricted to TA-cloning, though.

The insertion of a DNA fragment in the beta-gal. gene does not
always result in a disruption of the beta-gal. activity.
The translated beta-gal. protein may still be functional, depending on =

how the sequence is altered.

Bonne Chance !

Hope this is useful info.   :-)

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